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Standard Air & Lite serves the Western, PA; Eastern, OH and Northern, WV areas.

Standard Air & Lite Territory with Branch Locations.


Aftermarket (Parts & Supplies)

People depend on their systems and expect them to perform when needed. Don’t risk using a cheap imitation replacement part. Use Factory Authorized Control Boards when servicing Carrier®, Bryant® or Payne® equipment.

Standard Air & Lite provides Totaline, factory-authorized and a select offering of aftermarket HVAC/R (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration) parts and supplies to dealer/contractors and technicians.

Why Factory Authorized Parts?

  • they preserve the original manufacturer’s warranty,
  • they preserve the original efficiency of the system,
  • they preserve engineered sound requirements (for applicable components such as motors), and
  • they meet rigorous factory run life design specifications.

If you’re a contractor looking to purchase a Totaline products, please call our parts department at 412-920-8830. They’ll be happy to help you purchase the product you’re seeking. Remember always ask for Factory Authorized Parts.


Service Assurance

Standard Air & Lite has some of the best technical support personnel in the business and they are here to help you. You can reach Rick, John or Bob at 1-800-472-2458 for your field service support calls. Before you call in, please keep the following in mind to make your tech support call more productive:

  1. SAL provides technical customer assurance to the HVAC servicing/contracting community only. Sorry, but we cannot provide technical support to the homeowner; please call a qualified contractor which you can find on our Homeowners page.
  2. Have the equipment model and serial number ready.
  3. Basic trouble shooting practices should have been attempted before the call.
  4. You will be asked for field readings. Be prepared with accurate electrical and pressure information.
  5. Service instructions, wiring diagrams and installation manuals should be in hand. A mobile app is available at
  6. Be patient. Field support requests often come at the same time.


Dealer Tools

HVACPartners Logo HVACPartners
HVACPartners is a dealer/contractor one-stop-shop for everything relating to parts, warrant, marketing and more. Take Me There
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ServiceBench Van ServiceBench
ServiceBench connects the people who make and sell products
to the people who install and service them. Take Me There
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Extended Warranty Registration
3 Year Standard Air & Lite Extended Labor Warranty. Register Here
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Carrier Commercial INVE$T
Commercial INVE$T payback calculator helps your customers consider operational costs for the future in addition to the initial cost for repairing or replacing their systems. It’s fast and easy and best of all, it’s available at no cost. Read More
. .
This program provides attractive finance options to help you sell more equipment, in a shorter period of time. Read More
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Carrier_GreenspeedLogo Greenspeed
The Greenspeed Heating Hours Calculator is a sales tool to help graphically show the heating benefits and cost savings potential of the Greenspeed Heat Pump system for different unit size selections. Read More
. .
Carrier_RooftopButton Carrier Rooftop App
Carrier created the Carrier Rooftops app to enable customers to perform on-the-spot selection of rooftop units for replacement or new construction and estimate the potential energy savings that can be realized with Carrier® Weather Series rooftop units. Read More
. .
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Totaline Mobile App
The Totaline Mobile Technician app can help identify the right part to help you sell more equipment, in a shorter period of time. Read More
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Carrier Service Technician App
Whether it is for warranty repairs for Carrier Equipment or for non-warranty repairs on any make or any brand of equipment, the Carrier Service Technician app can help identify the right part The app for Google Android is Here
. .
Carrier_MyInfinityButton My Infinity Touch App
The Carrier Infinity® control can direct an entire advanced home comfort system to let you precisely manage comfort, humidity, ventilation and air purification from one source. It even makes scheduling a breeze. Read More
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