Mighty Bracket

The RectorSeal Mighty Bracket™ is HVAC Industry’s First Labor-Cutting Mini-Split Installation Support Tool. It can cut jobsite labor costs by 50-percent because it reduces evaporator coil mounting and connecting to a hands-free, single-person task.

The contractor-grade yellow, patent-pending Mighty Bracket hooks onto both tabs of a mini-split wall mounting plate in less than a minute. The Mighty Bracket securely holds the mini-split evaporator coil for quick and easy connections of electrical, refrigeration line sets and condensate drain pumps/hoses. The 20-inch long support arms are roomy enough to allow evaporator coils to be temporarily angled away from the wall at 23 to 45-degrees for easy back panel access during installation or servicing.

Afterward, the heavy duty, ABS plastic, reusable bracket needs no disassembly, but simply folds up for storage in a compact 28 x 6-inch black canvas tote bag.

The Mighty Bracket accommodates most mini-split brands and evaporator weights up to 100-pounds.

Other features include:

  • Soft gasket material on support feet and support arms protect wall surfaces and evaporator coil encasement finishes from scratches
  • Flip-up gates at the end of both support arms helps to prevent slip off and damage to the evaporator or flooring below
  • Horizontal leveling of support arms is accomplished by sliding an included cotter pin into four adjustment hole selections
  • Pays for itself in labor savings after just one installation
  • Rounded corners prevent worker injury from sharp edges.

For additional information contact your local Standard Air & Lite branch or sales rep.

Mighty Bracket Flyer